New BAGI website: What you need to know

The BAGI website has gone through an extreme makeover (released Nov 2, 2023). If you're not new to BAGI, here's some quick hints on how to handle the transition:

Booking studio classes + glass experiences

Booking a studio class is different on the new website vs the old. Instead of using the SuperSaaS platform (which we still use for rentals) to sign up for a class, you can book and pay for the class right here on the website. It's very similar to any common e-commerce checkout experience.

We transitioned to this way of doing things because we felt that the signup process was more straightforward (less clicks), it was easier to pay the pay you preferred, you can now be notified when spots open up (if the class is full), and more. Also it makes it far easier for our team to make sure prices and class info are up-to-date with what you are actually booking (before, the "information" and the "booking" were in two separate systems, and so it was common to see classes information and prices that had gone stale).

Renting the studios

Renters will still use the SuperSaaS platform to book rental slots in each of our studios. You can find links to those rental calendars, as well as info about rentals here:

We also have updated information, as well as a visual "map" (you might need to scroll down to view the map on that page), for how to become a renter for each of our studios:

Team building + private events

Inquiring into a team building event or private lesson/survey is more or less the same: you fill out a form. (The form will look a little different, however.)

You can perform a search (at the top of the page) for any of these topics to find the appropriate form.