The Studios at BAGI

BAGI is a public-access glass studio with four studios within, each dedicated to a unique glass discipline: the hotshop, flameshop, kilnshop, and coldshop.


The Hot Shop

The hot shop is where glassblowing happens. Molten glass is blown or hot-sculpted, using blow pipes, long rods called "punties", jacks, shears, tweezers, and more.

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The Flame Shop

The flame shop is where flameworking happens. Long, thin rods of glass are bent and blown over a table-mounted torch to make jewelry, beads, and even neon signs.

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The Flat Shop

The flat shop is where fusing, casting, and stained glass happen. Plenty of table surface area, tools for cutting and aligning glass, and tools for prepping pieces for the kiln can be found in here.

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A glass artist finishing his piece in the cold shop.


The Cold Shop

The cold shop is where coldworking happens. Artists put the finishing touches on their work by polishing, sandblasting, cutting, grinding, and more. Water is frequently used in the cold shop, so dress for rain!

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