Studios: The Cold Shop

Studios: The Cold Shop

BAGI's cold shop is where glass, produced by any discipline (glassblowing, kilnwork/fusing, flameworking, bottle glass or found glass etc.) goes to be polished, sandblasted, and more. This is where pieces get finished before they go onto a gallery or store shelf, or where artists create works from start to finish without using hot processes like the furnace, kilns, or torches.

The coldshop is home to an 80 grit sandblaster (Crystal Blast 3624 Sandblaster), two belt sanders, two flat grinders, three lathes, a dremmel station, drill press, wet saw, and hand lapping plates and grit. 

Rental Information

Book a cold shop rental here, and view rental prerequisites here.


  • $4.00/30 minutes (minimum)
  • Sandblaster: $10/30 minutes (minimum)

Included items

  • Tile saw
  • 18" single speed Lap Grinder
  • 20" variable speed Lap Grinder
  • Two Belt Grinders
  • Covington table top Grinding Lathe