Rentals at BAGI

BAGI offers affordable public access to all of our studios. Our glassblowing, flameworking, coldworking, and fusing studios are available to rent every day of the week.

Note that there are prerequisites for becoming a renter at BAGI, and they vary depending on the studio. Please see our Rental Prerequisites page here.

During the summer months the studios can be hot, especially the hotshop. To find information on staying cool and safe in these conditions, please see the Helpful Information page's "Keeping Cool in The Hotshop" section.



Are there any prerequisites for becoming a renter?

Yes. You can view our rental prerequisites here.

Basically, you'll either have to take one of our introductory classes (depending on the studio you want to use), or, if you're already an experienced glass artist, see the question below.

I'm an experienced glass artist. What do I have to do to rent at BAGI?

If you are already an experienced glass artist, you'll just have to go through a (very quick) orientation with our Studio Manager and sign our waiver.

Come by for a visit during regular business hours (give us a call first) to make this happen!

What are practice sessions (for glassblowing), and why do I have to take them to be a renter?

Simply put—mistakes in the hot shop can be quite costly compared to mistakes in other studios, so we take extra care to make sure that our renters are highly familiar with BAGI's procedures and best practices, so the equipment and hot shop in general continues to serve future renters for decades to come.

Check out our Hot Shop Rental Prerequisites for more context, or read up on practice sessions specifically on our practice sessions page.