Studios: The Flat Shop

Studios: The Flat Shop

BAGI's flat shop is where artists work with flat glass of all kinds to cut, shape, and assemble patterns or shapes. Glass can be assembled here and then put in a kiln to be heated up and fused. BAGI features plenty of working space via several large tables, glass cutting equipment, molds for slumping, and a variety of hand tools available for rental.

Rental Information

Book a flat shop rental here, and view rental prerequisites here.


  • $8/hour for table and tools
  • $55 for a large kiln run
  • $25 for a mini kiln run 
  • $5/hour Powder hood rental - pending availability 
  • $20/lb Glass under 6”x6” size available at
  • $10 slump charge per piece if slumping at our studio kiln schedule rate

Not included:

  • Sheets of glass larger than 6”x6”
    • Please purchase larger sheets from or visit our local resource center in Alameda. 
  • Stringers, frit, powders, dichroic glass, murrine, and any other specialty glass not included
  • Any fusing or slumps outside of our normal kiln firings (up to 6”x6” in size, 3 layers, and shallow slumps) will require a separate kiln schedule


  • Renters must bring their own glass (unless under 6x6 in size and paid for at the front desk)
  • Renters may use BAGI tools by signing them out
  • Renters must be cleaned up by the start of the next shift or class
  • Renters should be mindful of their fellow renters
  • Renters must clean up all glass and tools they use, leaving a clear and clean space

Contact the studio (via email: 2 business days before your rental if your work rental involves the following:

  • Use of glass powders
  • Deep molds / deep slumps
  • Mold making
  • Kiln rentals longer than 24hrs
  • Glass fusing’s 4 layers or more (12mm +)
  • Panels larger than 12” in width

Do not hesitate to email or call us if you have questions about renting at BAGI. We are happy to work with you and your project requirements to the best of our abilities. Be mindful that all kilns operate differently which can make this process experimental. We can not guarantee any particular results.