Practice Sessions (for Hot Shop Rentals)

Our glassblowing practice sessions are led by one of our instructors, and are designed to build your knowledge and confidence in the hot shop through a carefully crafted curriculum of skills-based exercises. The course study goes through 10 levels of exercises that, when completed, will have you comfortably and confidently working on your own. Our goal is to make you ready to rent time in the hot shop independently.

For a reminder of what it takes to become a hot shop renter + map visual that shows the path, see here.

We know that every student is unique, and comes to practice session with a different level of proficiency. So, upon entry, each new practice session attendee will be evaluated by the instructor. Once a baseline has been established, the instructor will work to move you forward in the areas of need. After the instructor has certified your competency in all 10 steps, your practice session time will be restricted to make room for new students.

Please note: Anyone absent for 6 months will be asked to retake Intro to Glassblowing before you can join Practice Sessions again. This is a skill that needs time and consistent practice! We also want to make sure that Practice Session slots are available to those that immediately finished their Glass 1 Class (which is one of the best times to take it).

Cancellations: Please note that BAGI reserves the right to cancel practice sessions up to 24 hours prior to a session if only one person has enrolled (there is a two-person minimum). We apologize for any inconvenience.