Shape a Bowl (Groupon) Redemption Process

If you've purchased a "Shape a Bowl - Glassblowing Class for One" Groupon, please read this page.

Why the special process?

BAGI no longer sells this deal via Groupon, but rather sells "Shape a Bowl" as its own standalone experience, sold only through BAGI. However, we still want to honor all outstanding 2023 Groupon vouchers for this particular Groupon experience as a thank-you for supporting BAGI and wanting to experience the magic of glass.

How do I redeem my 2023 Groupon for "Shape a Bowl"?

You'll need two important things handy:

  1. Your Groupon redemption code (also called a voucher code), which is usually all numeric (e.g. 123456)
  2. Your Groupon Number, which is an identification number that normally looks something like VS-CV2T-KB22-93W4-0H4F

To book your "Shape a Bowl" using your Groupon on our website, you'll:

  1. Go to the "Shape a Bowl" page
  2. Choose your desired date/time slot
  3. Punch in your Groupon voucher number (which is #1 above) when asked
  4. Proceed to checkout, where you'll be prompted to pay
  5. But instead of paying, you'll enter your Groupon number (#2 above) into the discount code field, which should modify your order to be free ($0).
  6. Finish checkout!

This is a one-time use code, and will be invalidated once your've made your purchase. If you have any questions, please contact us here: