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Open Fuse with Lucie (Existing Renters Only)

Open Fuse with Lucie (Existing Renters Only)

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Date/Time: Three sessions: November 8, November 21, and December 6, each 6pm—9pm.

Prerequisites: You must already be a BAGI flat shop (fusing) renter.

The Open Fuse Studio provides an opportunity for renters to expand their artistry, without the need to invest in creating or expanding their own studio. Renters are encouraged to bring their own glass if they require specific colors or glass pieces  larger than what's available to our fusing renters.

Renters must be cleared out and cleaned up by 9pm with all supplies put back in the proper place, tables wiped down, and floors swept. If slumping is desired, please select from the available molds and notify the Fusing Studio monitor person. 

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